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insulation and torpedo heater ?

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  • insulation and torpedo heater ?

    i've built a 6x3x3 oven to be heated with a 150k btu torpedo heater. my question is where do you get the appropriate insulation, i've read other posts about roxul and knauf. i dont really want to use a rigid type. Is it possible to find at a place like Home Depot or Lowe's or do i need to find a specialty distributor. my other question is about putting the thermostat on the oven. What turns the gas off when the therm. turns the heater off? wont the gas keep coming unless you manually turn the valve off. one more question...the inner shell of my oven is a metal storage cabinet, it is painted but is chipping all over, will the heat cause this paint to melt and produce harmfull gasses, has anyone come across this situation before, any ideas? i dont want to poison myself. thanks for reading.

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    I'm interested in these same questions. I have a 4ft. long by 3 feet wide by 2 ft. deep oven and It doesn't quite get up to temp with a 100k btu kerosene heater. I need some insulation and to fill the little cracks on the sides!