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DIY electric oven question

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  • Blademan
    the top elements are 110 volt, you would have to run two circuits, 110 for the burners and 220 for the oven elements, I would think it more of a hassel than any gain, better off just finding another oven element, or as I do on my good old stock oven i use for small parts, leave the burners on top...there great for cooking hot dogs...and keeping the coffee warm.

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  • LeeParsons
    started a topic DIY electric oven question

    DIY electric oven question

    Has anyone done this and will it work? I am going to build an electric oven and will be using the heating elements out of 2 kitchen ovens I have now. I was wondering if you could use the range top burners for additional heating elements in the oven? I hate to waste anything...

    Thanks for any advice,