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electric / gas oven?

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  • electric / gas oven?

    i built my oven 3x3x6ft tall, my first attempt to heat it was using a 150,000btu torpedo style heater, it got to 500 in like 4 min. but it is extremely difficult to keep the temp. where i want it. so my question is how many regular electric elements would i need to maintain 400deg. if i preheated the oven with the torpedo? assuming that it is insulated well.

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    you need to put a vent in.. all i do is crack the door open and it is fine at 400 for 25 minutes .. you can add the feed pipe longer or shorter to help .. i got 24" pipe on mine and it works well


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      Is it safe to use a heater like that ? Would like to build a bigger oven but thought a open flame was not recommended Thanks


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        I just finished a 6'X3'X3' electric oven. I used 4 heating elements out of kitchen ovens. I used 4" fiberglass (un backed) insulation. It holds 400 degrees well but takes about 40 minutes to get there.
        Lee Parsons
        Rowlett, TX (East Dallas)


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          I built an oven that ran around 96cu in for the interior (4x4x6). I had custom made elements built, 4 elements at 3500 watts each, total 12k watts. The oven ran off 220volts with a 60-amp breaker. It heated right up to 400 or 450 like a dream. The problem was that the air temp hit the mark, but part temp took forever. I coated a motorcycle wheel and place it in a 400-degree oven; over one hour later the wheel was still not a 400. I am now in the progress of tearing this oven down for a gas fired one. Also the electric bill shot up $150 per month with the electric oven.


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            No problems at all .. heats to 400f in under 10 miuntes .. the out put of a 150k heater is 2400f. so you will be good up to a 6x6 box then you will need to add a bigger heater...

            Cost of running that heater is peenies per job compare to the big electric bills


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              That's an interesting way to build an oven. Two questions: How come the blast from the heater doesn't blow the powder off the part, and is there an outlet somewhere on the other side of the oven?

              I have a 75,000 BTU heater I could try. Outdoors, though
              Steve Dold


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                there is not exhaust on that box.. the powder has never been blown off any part .. But if you want you can put a deflector in it.. to push the force air to the bottom..

                that box has not fiber in it it is straight metal.

                It is used indoors when i do fire it up i open the doors.but that was in my hobby.. in the shop it is all vent to the outside and in the winter that is my only heat while i am at the shop i leave for the night i turn the heater( the main ) on and it is set at 60f..


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                  Note: the heater was not on when the pic was taken.. the can was full so there were no fire hazards .. I am a firefighter i should know better..