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Having a go at powdercoating

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  • Having a go at powdercoating

    Yes guys I've decided to give plastic a try. First job, CENTERCAPS! Plastic center w/aluminum trim ring around.
    Here's a pic of one with chrome powder:

    Here's one I started to sandblast:

    I don't have any pics with the results, but I can tell you that 400 degrees for 10 minutes doesn't work with this type of plastic.
    It appears that after trying 400, 300, and 250 the 250-300 range is best. The only thing I didn't do till my last 2 caps was to heat up the adhesive under the logo,
    then prying it off.

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    i am going to do my centers. can you post a pic of the final result


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      Definitely, but today the temps are in the 90's so I'm CHILLIN OUT!


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        that is why i hung out in the house all day .... i am waiting til 9 or 10 to go out and powder.

        Heavykote can you pm me your domain link.. i tryed to fid you car on ther to take a peek


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          Okay, the deed is done. I ended up putting the centercap in at I think 263+ or - . Stripping the center of the cap down was a major pain, but near the end I found a easier way to do it.

          The aluminum ring came out good,BUT the center plastic piece became bubbly. This I think is mostly cause of the temp and time in the oven. I think 5 to 10 miuntes is top for a piece. I was actually smoking some ribs on my day off while doing this. Big mistake, but I wasn't thinking clearly especially while drinking a couple of beers. Funny thing is the only time I drink is when I grill.
          I guess my next test will be when I get more centercaps, but progress was made...


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            they look better than i thought they would... i got flat centers for my aucra i want to color match the wheels either that i am just going to use chrome lug's


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              I know they can be done right! I just have so much to do and so little time in a day. Right now I'm about to do a translucent red impala rim. I'll post pics when I'm done...


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                they can be done i have seen a few flat ones done in a low cure .. i am going to color match mine charcoal met. i got to get the livestock taken care of first so i can get time for my own projects