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  • Pricing your work

    Can some of you guys who do powder coating for others shed some light on how much to charge or how you figure your prices? I have a few people who have asked me about doing PC for them and how much it would cost and I have no clue as to what to charge them.

    Lee Parsons
    Rowlett, TX (East Dallas)

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    I look at the part and see how much time it will take to sandblast it and how much powder I will use. I then base the price on how much I need to get for it to be worth my while. Also take into consideration how hard the part will be to mask. The prep work is always the longest and most important step. If you are still having trouble pricing you could check with a local shop or websites that lists prices.

    These might also help:

    6th post from the bottom on that one^^^


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      it is all in how much you want to make !!