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? for everyone who has built an oven

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  • ? for everyone who has built an oven

    I'm looking into a larger oven and building it seems the most cost effective way to go. What I had planed was using the parts from two ovens that I have and building the case to about 4x4x6, or so. My question to those that have built them, are you using them in your home for personal use or are they being used in a shop as a profession? The one I'm looking to build would be used in a shop as a profession and I was wondering if there would be problems from any body like OSHA or the like. I don't plan to hobble it together with duct tape or anything like that, but I'd hate to sink a few hundred bucks into it just to have the OSHA guys tell me that it couldn't be used. I'd really like to go bigger and use a jet heater like I've seen some of you do, but I'm affraid that would really be a problem for me.

    Thanks for any advise you can provide.

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    i use ovens at home and at the shop.. i got a small set up at home. i never had any problems with osha . the only time they will get on you is if you mess up big time.. and for the home 1 they will take one look at my little set up and wake away.. i got it in a 8'x8' shed..

    Now every state ,township and local laws are not the same. you may want to contact your local zoning board for more details.

    Now for the fire saftey part .. It passed my inspection( I am a live long fire fighter) And there is not any way it will harm anything..

    I'd really like to go bigger and use a jet heater like I've seen some of you do, but I'm affraid that would really be a problem for me.
    I use a set up like this to. it is the best way i would say to go when your just starting up. Cheap to build and very expandable

    Good luck


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      Well that's great to hear, thanks for the reply.

      Any body else have any experience with this?

      Thanks again.


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        I agree with Chuck, it probably won't be a problem until someone gets hurt or you get their attention. Even then if it's constructed well, safeties, warning lables..etc you'll probably be OK.
        I would be more worried about the insurance company... if you had a problem it could easily be their way out of paying. Insurance companies like seeing UL, FM and IRI labels.
        Talking with the local Fire Marshal, Building Department and Insurance company would be a good idea before you drop a dime.


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          Re oven ??

          OSHA has no concerns & or legal interest unless you have employees. But your homeowners insurance Co. will have a BIG problem in the event of a accident. Like another poster said "Insurance companies will look for UL listings".
          Be careful