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  • Need some advice ...

    I am in need of a little advice.. yep this is a first for a long time ...
    I got my show car. And there are 3 plastic covers. Here is what i need advice on?

    1. Low temp cure ( pull them out within minutes of the powder flowing.
    Then Coat with spray clear...

    So anyone in the show car scene please chime in... i am running out of time winter will be here and my car has 5 miles on it since i built it

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    Well i did try to coat these covers .. well all i can say is time to go to the dealer and get new ones ...


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      hey chuck when are we going to see pics of this show car?
      when in doubt polish it out/ why replace it when you can refinish it
      G2 Polishing and Powdercoating


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        very soon ... i got a few final touchs to add .. then it will be on my webpage .... I got tied up today or i would of tossed a few sneak peeks up..