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  • Pickleboy

    Pickleboy did you get everything hooked up and running yet?

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    i am about to give him a call .. i will be calling you this weeks..


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      Sound's like he is putting all the advice from the forum to good use .. when i talked to him the other night


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        Glad to hear it.I hope he is as satisfied as you were.


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          i am up and runnig as of sunday night. very satisfied dale thanks again. i will put all of this stuff to good hard use. i am already working on a contract with the day job to pc some small brackets for the trucks we have in the fleet. been practicing on my cycle parts also. as chuck said we talked and he is a great resource. i have yet to call wayne most likely this weekend and intro myself to him also. to all of you thanks so much for all the help getting started, i just hope i can pass on the favors to the next group of polishers and pc'ers that will come along. i will keep in touch dale, also want to talk about you possibly making some custom parts for the cycle at a later date.
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