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Powder Coating Engine Block and Heads

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  • Powder Coating Engine Block and Heads

    New to the PC biz,, checking to see if there is a High Temp "Ford Dark Blue" Powder or if Powder coating engine blocks and heads is the way to go...
    The Blue Powder on this site states it works up to a range of 350 deg, will this surffice for the engine block and heads?

    Would appriciate any input to clear this up for me.

    thanks in advance


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    i have not done engine pieces yet but have seen numerous job with standard powder. check in the album and see if there are pics. i have also been told by others here that they have used standard powder on harley jugs and heads. i would think that they would run hotter than auto engines due to air cooling not liquid. hope this helps. wayne and bob will probable help best on this one.
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      I have seen a few covers done with standard powder, and they have held up. sorry i could'nt be of more help.


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        Regular powder will hold up fine i never had any problems and i powder Every thing