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PC'ing an old truck frame...

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  • PC'ing an old truck frame...

    So, we've been busy powder coating everything in sight on our '49 white, and we had planned on powder coating the frame as well.

    Of course, we don't have an oven big enough to fit a 19' frame, but there is a PC shop in town that does. However, they said that they don't normally accept frames because the finish never turns out well. They told my father that the oils make outgassing a real pain, and that it often requires multiple coats or something.

    This seems a bit wierd to me, as I've successfully PC'ed all sorts of engine parts that have been soaking in oil since 1949. And all have come out beautifully. The frame seems like it'd be a pretty simple part to PC, it only had incidental contact with oil, although lots of grease caked on it in spots.

    I'm going down there again next week to visit with the owner and see just why they think they couldn't do it, and I'm hoping to arm myself with more information here. They are a reputable shop, so I could easily be way off base here, but I was hoping that someone might know why they were running into the problems they were, or any issues that I hadn't yet realized.

    I haven't even mentioned to them that after the frame will be an axle, a differential, and eventually an engine block!

    Anyone done it? Anyone had good luck with an old vehicle frame? How about the bad experiences?


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    You don't need to out gas steel .. Make sure it is super clean and shoot the powder to 3 mills and i would shoot 2 mill of clear for added protection
    good luck


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      Got an answer today, as we had time to kill and decided to stop by...

      Basically, there's no problem with PC'ing the frame. This shop just didn't want to do non commercial work. No problem, they were able to refer us to a powder coating shop who isn't too easy to find in the phone book.

      So I went and visited them, no problems at all.



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        good luck ... if you were from my neck of the wood's i would of been more than happy to coat it ..


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          PC'ing an old truck frame...

          Hey Dan:
          Powder coating is really no issue for a frame. It is the prep that turns most people away from doing such items. Most used old frames are loaded with rust, oil, grease & the worst "underecoating". Undercoating is a bitch to remove & will not come off from media blasting most times nees to be heated & that is tough to breath. I will do new frames but will not touch old ones for that reason.
          Good Luck


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            i will touch any part ... that will turn a buck.. the old ones spray them down with industrail strenght degreaser , Pressure wash then i spary them again with acid that will remove all the grease left behind let it sit then pressure wash it again.. Roll it in to the blaster then spend a few hours getting it to the metal and if repair's are needed i will cut and weld to repair. then i spray the whole frame down with a coating to protect from any new surface rust( my booth is out side and it get's damp some times)

            then it is off to the shop... I spray 3 mils of powder and with ir heaters and 2 torpedo heaters it cures the frame is hung from chain the whole time .. i use foil board to build a box then the ir heaters and torpedo do the rest .. it takes a little longer but the customer will take care the rest in the bill. for a frame just off a car to place on a flat bed to be hauled home the cost : $2000.00 give or take new frames : $1500.00
            My frame : priceless