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the reason i had a fast sale of equipment

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  • the reason i had a fast sale of equipment

    we i know i dropped that on every one super quick.

    But i am not closing up i had to make up for what i had to spend as quick as i spent it ..

    on the 19th i was walking my dog a pit bull and we both got attacked by another pit bull in my own yard no more than 5 feet from the door..

    pics here notice not nice)

    But she is find and the powder is flowing again but not in my hobby shop i have to drag it all to work now ..
    thanks to every one that was interrested .. and what i got for the stuff was did not even make up for what i spent that night

    Thank every one

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    That is just terrible. Im not a dog person (have 6 cats) but I still hate to see or hear about something like this. Do you know who the owner of this other dog is? Well rather then go off tangent, Glad everything is ok and your PC'ing again.


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      I've learned alot from reading your posts. I was amazed to see you try and get out so quickly. Glad to see you are still here. Sorry to hear abotu your pooch!


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        i had 2 set up 1 was just a plain old tinker hobby and the other was my money maker.. instead of tearing my car down and hauling it to the shop to powder coat i did it right here and put it back on.. cause i don't want tore down car's sitting at the shop for a long time ..

        well the hobby shop is gone and i am almost done with the car .. i will be ordering some new stuff from caswell in a few months and i am only going small this time ..

        Noob2PC : Yes i do know who the owner was it was one of the pupps i sold him a while back .. But it is not longer able to bite anything.. I made sure of that .. it had to put 2 hollow points in it dome to get it lose..
        I am happy the out came is better that it could of been..

        Thank you to all and happy coating....