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    hi everyone, thanks to the person who answered my last questions. i was putting near chrome on a set on aluminum steps that were sandblasted clean and when i baked the steps with the near chrome they have what looks like dust in them and i dont know why.i put it back in the sandblast cabinet and it came off quickly like it did not stick. what did i not do right :

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    did you clean the steps after blasting? a common mistake is to think that because of the blasting and blowing off that the material is clean. not so the blasting dust needs to be clean off with some sort of degreaser or solvent my choice is acetone. then after air dry, preheat the part to out gas. then let cool and powder as normal. try this and see if it works, also customandsound(chuck) or blademan(wayne) will most likely give you some tips that work for them, listen as they know what they are doing.
    when in doubt polish it out/ why replace it when you can refinish it
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