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  • near chrome powder

    when you put near chrome powder on an aluminum part it looks great then when you put clear over it it turns gray is this normal what did i do wrong

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    it's normal, the clear will always dull the finish to a silver finish
    if you mean a dark gray the near chrome was uncured when you applied the clear.


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      well, it's very hard to find a cheap way to have something look like real chrome, just like those aerosal cans of the chrome, the cap looks real, but it really just is a silver. Im buying some near chrome soon, but it is just going to be a base for my lollypop colours, i tried white, but it turned out bad. Sorry to steal this topic, but while were talking about the dulling of finishes, a red sparkle needs a clear coat over top, will this dull the fnish at all, or will it be fine? thanks alot.


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        only chrome is affected by clear
        there is a single stage chrome I'm trying and it's holding up good so far
        but it looks more silver than chrome but a bit more reflective than chrome powder with clear.


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          Hi all, this is my first post on this forum, i have looked over the forum over the past few weeks and would just like to say that its been very helpful.
          I hope that i'll be able to help out in the future.
          Anyway, as a reply to this post, i spoke to Caswell in the UK and the guy said that with Near chrome powder coat, he said they tried a Black powder base then the near chrome powder and then a 2k laquer gives a really good finish.
          We have not tried this as yet but will be using it on our next set of BBS split rims that we are refurbing just now.