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My First PC experience

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    i can show you all kinds of part i did miss a spot on...
    i had to reshoot the part to get it

    the rack sytems will do things to the part

    other than that I would hang it on my house good job...


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      Thanks Chuck.

      I've been meaning to try heating up a part to about 200, then shooting powder into the corners without the voltage turned on. This should eliminate the Faraday Cage effect, shouldn't it? Anyone tried this?
      Steve Dold


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        is is a brass or just plate.. ?

        But i heat all parts to around 150f and shoot this will make the powder stick and cover better...

        oh sdold No hard feelings....

        when i use a clear i put the part out of the over and shoot right on the hot part .it will let the powder flow in to the cracks and hard to reach places then i cure for 10 minutes and pull then let dry...

        as with powder coating to make that hard work glow .. i will wax it with carnuba wax and package it up waiting for the owner to pick it up..
        not one of my parts leave my shop unwrapped ..the customers like it when you go the extra mile for them


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          It's a pretty cheap porch light, so I think it's just plated. It's soldered together. I was wondering if the solder would melt in the oven, but it didn't.

          I have some clear, I think I'll try that. I've never done anything with a clear topcoat before.
          Steve Dold


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            the clear added depth to the part you will like the out come of it ..


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              Both the items look good, good job!


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                Awesome...great job. I hope my first experience turns out as good.

                Can you just preheat the part and then spray the clear on? Will it stick to already cured powder?


                • #23
                  yes you can and yes it dose