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Poder Coating S95 Spindle

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  • Poder Coating S95 Spindle

    I would like to powder the spindle but I'm not able to remove the bearing. This spindle type is not meant to have the bearing removed. If I tape off the area to ensure that when sandblasting nothing gets in I should be fine. My real question is can the bearing take the 400 degree heat? Anybody PC'd one of these before?

    Thanks for anwsering all my questions, this site is great!


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    mick i have not done that but here is what to be concerned with. is the bearing sealed? if so it will not work due to the seals and grease will not hold up to powder temps. if not sealed then if it can be cleaned and taped off it should work, i would be concerned for the bearing though i dont know if the cure temp might tend to anneal(soften) the bearing or race material. maybe someone has done this or something like it and will answer.
    best of luck bro.
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      Spindels : I would not powder coat them .. The bearing has to sit on there flush and even if you do tape or sand it will work.. The back side the king pin area it is fine to powder coat.. But the part where the hub mounts on i would not coat it ,,