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powder of polished alum?

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  • powder of polished alum?

    just a quick question. i'd like to polish some alum bike parts i have. i also have done some amatur powder coating but am confused how can i coat clear or a candy over a polished alum surface? when i polish the alum. i sand and then use jewlers rouge. won't the jewlers rouge contaminate the powder coat finnish when baking? thanks

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    Make sure to outgas the part before you actually spray it. I just did some small scooter rims a little while back, with some quick polishing and then outgassed em, and then sprayed and baked for the right amount of time.

    Actually, these little rims were Magnesium but it shouldn't be much different then doing aluminum.


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      i did some alum polished parts on my scooter with great luck. i can only add to "wamontgomery" 's post in that after outgass be sure to clean again with some kind of solvent. i like to use aerosol brake clean so i dont have to touch the part with a cloth and risk fuzzies.
      when in doubt polish it out/ why replace it when you can refinish it
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        when your done with the part out gas it. Blow it off with air then clean with a thinner to remove all the oils and little grime left on. I wear rubber gloves from the time i out gas til the time i pull the finished part out of the over.. the gloves are to protect it if any oils that come from your fingers ...