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  • What do you use too....

    .....cleans your parts. Like when you use the degreaser or whaever. I've used peper towels, blue towels fro autojoke, and even lint free cloth, and I still get lint and small ripped pieves of pepertowel on my parts that Ican't asee until AFTER I powdercoat! I even hit the part with the air hose, and no luck.

    It's really ****ing me off.

    Oh, and I got a run in my powdercoat yesterday too, that sucked.

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    Iuse a gas torch to burn anything on it before coating ,you don't have to burn the part with it
    just pass it around the part also try and use scotch brite sponges they have work for me.


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      For lint free rags the best thing I found of all places was paint rags at walmart. I clean the parts of grease in my parts cleaner but you could you brake cleaner, then bead blast after that I wipe everything down with thinner and let it dry.