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PC prepping??

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  • PC prepping??

    What kind of preperation needs to go into the part being powder coated. Obvisouly it has to be clean and degreased. Im talkin as in sand blasting, bead blasting, etc.

    Im setting up a lil in house chroming shop, and want to add a PC oven also. I just dont want to spend the $ on a bead blaster, etc.?

    What r my options

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    It depends on what you're calling parts but small blaster is almost a gotta have to strip and prep "parts"


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      well your options are buy a blaster or hire that part out. to pc the "part" it has to have a blasted profile of the pc probably wont stick. there are exceptions but even chrome plated parts have to be sanded or bead blasted to give some grip for the pc.
      when in doubt polish it out/ why replace it when you can refinish it
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        Not necessarily Pickleboy! Okay, ordinarily you clean, strip, sandblast and powdercoat material, but you can coat a part, like say Chrome and get away with it. It won't be as durable, but it can be done.
        I've been thinking about it since my buddy asked me about it when I did his hyabusa motorcycle parts.
        I've done it in my beginning with powdercoating with a chrome breather cover. I just cleaned it and powdercoated right over the chrome. It took too! Later, I found that I could scrape it off like paint.


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          you can build a blast box for reasonable this will hold you over .. i build one out of plywood and a cheap blast for 30 bucks

          the chrome has to be stripped in order for you to get good results .. just like heavykote said .. it will flake off after a while.. i use to just blast clean and coat then it came back and bit me in the rear end .. but you learn from your mistakes