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getting powder into tight places

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  • getting powder into tight places

    What are some tips and tricks to get powder into tight places. I ahve come across a couple cases. I could load up on powder, but that doesnt look the best.

    -holes/tubes say an inch or two deep and I want powder inside

    -tight corners... any that forms a sort of V shape

    I am assuming that the two negative charged parts repel the powder?

    I tried turning off the power to get it there... but no luck.

    Any help?


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    fog it ..


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      Try heating up the part to about 200 degrees, and begin shooting that area lightly with no gun power. I did this one time and it seemed to work pretty well.
      Steve Dold


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        I have one of the hobby guns and to get into tight corners I pull the deflector peice off and it shoots a nice straight path where I want it. Works great.


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          cut the air back to 10 pis or less to fog the powder on the part. By heating the part the powder will stick if you want to
          try that ... By preheating the part the powder will stick in the corners
          beater . When you powder coat the corners the air tends to back out and when that happens the air blow's the powder right back off.


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            thank you...