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Hey another question! Powder Gun acting weird

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  • Hey another question! Powder Gun acting weird

    This has been happening for the last couple of weeks, and it's really ****ing me off now.

    While spraying, the powder comming through the gunn will slowly diminish. Then I('ll shake the gun (while still spraying) and then more will flow out, and then slowly diminish; the process repeats. Sometime without shaking it, the gun spits out a big cloud of powder. it seems the best wayt o keep a consistant stream is to continually shake the gun while spraying, but that gets tiring very quickly.

    I only fill the cup up about 1/3 of the way, I have constant air at about 8 psi. I have 2 water seperators plus the water trap on the gun. I do live in a fairly humid climate. I shake the powder and check for clumps before attaching the cup to the gun. I have taken the gun apart to clean it to keep the trigger from sticking, which that only worked for a day. I have increased my pressure to 12ish psi, which didn't help at all.

    I can still paint, but it gets annoying. That and I can't do candy coats because I can't get an even top coat wit the gun acting this way.

    Any ideas?

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    Re: Hey another question! Powder Gun acting weird

    10 psi should work fine. Do you have the caswell gun? if so adjust the screw at the bottom of the handle it also controls the air flow and the moisture filter on the gun is it new? They should be replaced atleast 1 time a month. You may also got some muck building up in the chamber.


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      Re: Hey another question! Powder Gun acting weird

      It a Chicago Electric gun. There is also a screw at the bottom of this gun, as I noticed last night, I'll have to play with that. And the filter has been on there a couple of months. I'll change that too.



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        Re: Hey another question! Powder Gun acting weird

        I would also try testing the powder to see if it has moisture in it. To do this, take a handfull and sqeeze it hard together. It should fall apart fairly easily. If it stays balled tightly together, your powder will have to be fluidized in a dry hopper until it is acceptable. This type of thing happens in humid atmoshpheres. In dry atmospheres, the powder doesn't seem to want to stick to the part no matter what. In this case, you would take a wet mop and mop your floor to add some moisture into the room.