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Building oven and need some help with a problem...

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  • Blademan
    Re: Building oven and need some help with a problem...

    I'm guessing that once you insulate that critter alot of that vibration echo is going to go away, also it will hep bring your temp up alot..there are going to be times when 390 just isnt going to cut it.btw one of my ovens I actually just put the insulation on the outside and it works fine.

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  • Nutster
    started a topic Building oven and need some help with a problem...

    Building oven and need some help with a problem...

    Been a member here for several months and just have been lurking. I appreciate all the knowledge that I have gotten from here and need just a bit more help. Here is my problem....

    I have built a 7.5x7.5x7.5 sheet metal oven (uninsulated) and am heating it with a Desa Master 170k btu propane heater. It will bring the oven up to a max temp of 390 degrees, which works just fine. Thought I might throw that out there so if any of you guys were does work. Actually, the oven is sealed quite well, and vented with a 5 inch stack. But when that heater is LOUD. Transmitting all the vibration into the intake pipes and the wouldn't believe how loud it is. This has to be solved.

    So I have been racking my brain with a solution, and here is a possible one... Thinking about pouring a custom block of concrete with a 8 inch hole in it, so I can break the intake side with the concrete. I just need something on the intake side to break the piping chain to hopefully take the vibration out of it.

    Several of the fella's on here are pretty darn smart, so I thought maybe you might have some input on what I can do. Going to try the concrete route tomorrow, so I will update if it works or not.

    Does anyone have any other solutions?

    Thanks in advance for any help, and again....thanks for the knowledge to do this whole thing


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