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  • Powder Gun Air Compressor

    Just joined so one could imagine the questions I have. One question for now. I want to purchase an air compressor suitable for my PC gun. Most all units seem to have psi above 100. I have a Harbor Freight gun and need only around 15 PSI (I have read). Why don't any of the PC suppliers also sell compressors in addition to the powder etc?

    I have purchased a regulator (0-125psi) and want to buy a twin tank unit with max. pressure of 125 psi and 5 gallon capacity. Will the regulator bring down the psi to 15? Is this the purpose of the regulator? This regulator has an oiler and a water catcher.

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    Re: Powder Gun Air Compressor

    The ACQ908 compressor here will work.

    It needs a 12V power source, like a car battery or charger.
    Mike Caswell
    Caswell Inc
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      Re: Powder Gun Air Compressor

      A 12 volt air compressor - OK, but I am wanting to use a regular compressor for other purposes that might require more than a few PSI's. So the question remains, can a regulator that regulates from 0 to 125 psi, bring my 125 psi compressor down to 15 or so for powder coating? The compressor does not have a regulator of its own. But is seems like a fair 2 HP compressor at 125 psi, 5 gallon twin tanks with 5 CFM at 40 psi. That's all I know about compressors. Oh, and the RPM's at 1720 seems to be a good speed verses others I have seen with over 3K RPM.

      So what's the answer already Anybody at all...


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        Re: Powder Gun Air Compressor

        All compressors have some kind of regulator. If it's only a pressure switch to keep to compressor or tank from over pressuring. Yes a regulator can bring the psi down to what you need for a PC gun. You can put it in line. You just need to find one of suffecient quality for the gauges to read in the smaller increments. Most air tools operate at 90 psi. The CFM required depends on the tool. Hope this helps. Anything else, just ask. SS


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          Re: Powder Gun Air Compressor

          So the question remains, can a regulator that regulates from 0 to 125 psi, bring my 125 psi compressor down to 15 or so for powder coating?
          Yes. But it MIGHT be VERY inaccurate and inconsistent. It all depends on the quality of regulator and gauge. The ones found on cheap small compressors do NOT do a very good job at low pressures.

          I found this out with my compressor, so I got a precision low pressure (0-15 PSI) regulator, guage and water trap off ebay, rigged it all together on a metal frame, and simply plug it into the high pressure air supply when I powdercoat. It all came to less than $30 shipped. There isn't much demand for low-pressure regulators, so they tend to go cheap.

          It works MUCH better than trying to run a high-pressure regulator at low settings.

          Seans Zinc Plating page


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            Re: Powder Gun Air Compressor

            Thanks SS and Sean. Now I get it. So I really need two regulators - one for low pressor (CP) and one for higher psi air tools.

            I'm on my way.


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              Re: Powder Gun Air Compressor

              I am runing 2 regulators with dryers and then a third regulator at the PC gun. The regulator at the compressor stays set at 90 psi, it runs the impact, air chucks and stuff like that. The second dryer and regulator is across the garage where the powder booth and plasma torch are. It is noraly set at 65 psi. The supply hose for the PC gun hooks up to the second dryer and regulator and I have a thrid, small regulator hooked directly to the gun. That makes adjustments quick and easy when coating.

              Its a bit over kill but just the way things worked out as things grew. Does a good job for me.
              Lee Parsons
              Rowlett, TX (East Dallas)