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Coating motorcycle tank and fenders

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  • Coating motorcycle tank and fenders

    i want to repaint my bike soon and thought that maybe powder coating them might be the easiest and cheapest way instead of regualr painting. I want the color to be the candy red, but i'm unsure of how i could do this. would i have to put like a chrome powder down first, then the candy over top of it, and then a clear? that seems like it would be pretty thick.
    also, if i wanted to put some airbrushed graphics before the candy (graphics on chrome powder) would the graphics stay through the baking, is there some kind of special paint that i could use? lastely, how does the candy red powder over chrome powder look compared to using regular paint? i also am looking at getting a fiberglass tank extension to add, will powdercoat adhere to that?

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    Re: Coating motorcycle tank and fenders

    first off the powder is not as thick a build up as it would seem. it is only going on at about 1-1.5mils thick.

    second if you want airbrushed graphics then you have to do that after the candy red and then use liquid clear. if you airbrush and try to powder over it it will discolor or worse yet bubble up and destroy all the work.

    3rd candy is best shot over chrome base yes and it looks good, not exactly like the liquid version but close. just like liquid there is no exacts, meaning that powder thickness etc. have alot to do with the final color shade.

    4th powder will not work on fiberglass due to the fact you have to cure at 400+ degrees and the fiberglass might get damaged and the fact powder need electrical path to work right and the glass does not conduct. hope this helps bro.
    lastly welcome to the forum
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      Re: Coating motorcycle tank and fenders

      What he said!!!!!

      I have tried using high temp paints under a low cure powder with success. BUT!!! it was only thin lines and I cured at the low end of the range.


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        Re: Coating motorcycle tank and fenders

        I think that liquid paint would give you a better finish. Powder is great and it looks good, but for body panels, liquid will look smoother and more reflective.


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          Re: Coating motorcycle tank and fenders

          I'm not sure that your airbrush will withstand the temperatures either, but you could use acrylic clear for the topcoat. Acrylic is very hard and leaves a very smooth surface. The drawback with acrylics is that they are very sensitive to temperature and must be shipped refridgerated. You must keep them stored this way also. Acrylics also cost more and the shelf life is very poor. They leave a nice finished when used in those context...