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Questions about durability and outgassing

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  • Questions about durability and outgassing

    I have 2 questions. The first is what generaly leads to a more durable finish? The stuff I've done seems ok but seems to chip easier than I expected. I mean its on there and not flaking off or anything, you cant really scratch unless you try I just want to make sure my finishes are as durable as possible. What gives a more durable finish? More or less heat? Longer or shorter cure times? I guess I have the same question for gloss. More or less heat? Longer or shorter cure times? So far it seems a longer cure time gives a nicer finish.

    My second question is about outgassing. I just want to make sure I understand what I'm doing. Do I need to outgas and then spray before the piece cools off or doesnt that matter? Can I outgas and let the piece totally cool down and spray when ever I feel like it? Will gases be absorbed or anything if it cools down?

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    Re: Questions about durability and outgassing

    If you want chip resistance, the best advice I can tell you is:

    1.Blast with Black Magnum or aluminum oxide media using meduim grit which leaves a very nice tooth/anchor for the powder to adhere.

    2.use pretreatment chemicals ex: iron phosphate (steel) or zinc (aluminum

    3.Clean/clean/clean and then some more cleaning and a good rinse making sure no finger prints are on the pieces being coated.

    4. Insure proper cure times, this is a must.

    5. Speak with a powder sales rep who can provide you with some strong heavy duty powder coating powders. There is a specific company that sells such powders.

    To outgass properly, you must make sure you have given a very good rinse, you do not want any chemical residue left.

    Place the items in the oven you want to outgass and turn the oven on, allowing the oven to preheak (soak) with the parts in, and get the oven to about 20-30 degrees hotter then the curing temp. Then leave the part or parts in there for a period of 30 mins after you confirm the parts have reached 420-450f. Doing this will always insure you have fully outgass any kind of trapped gas.

    Aluminum is the most important metal when it comes to outgassing (Casts will always do this), some pieces no matter what will have outgassing present, if so buy outgass forgiving powders.
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