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Getting ready for atv frame

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  • Getting ready for atv frame

    Sorry I haven't been on here in a REAL long time, I have been lurking from time to time .

    I was just curious though, how much powder does a normal frame need?

    I plan on using my IR lamp and a couple of reflectors, any idea how long something like that might take to cure?

    I have been sand blasting the frame with black oxide for what seems like the past month and no matter what I do, flash rust comes around when it site overnight. Can I use a fine grit(120?) sanding sponge to get rid of the flash and clean re clean the entire thing w/ acetone before spraying? anybody else have another suggestion?

    Thanks for any help

    This is my biggest job yet so wish me luck.

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    Re: Getting ready for atv frame

    For some reason, the one i just did, didn't flash rust....

    I used about 1/2 lb of chrome basecoat and almost 1 lb of candy red topcoat.(not sure why it didn't go as far)

    This was on a Honda 250R frame.


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      Re: Getting ready for atv frame

      thanks alot boink that helps me out a lot

      does anyone have any objections on using a 220 sanding sponge on it?