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Help with High Temp Masking Tape

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  • Help with High Temp Masking Tape

    I just ordered and got in from Caswell the Green High Temp Tape. I am not using it right or it is not doing what expected it to do.
    I am wraping it around some fairly easy turns, about like going around your finger. It will not lay down and stick. Then after curing it, I have to cut it off with a knife? Maybe I'm wrong but I thought high temp masking tape meant more than it would not burn up. I thought it would be user friendly after being in the oven and actually mask the edges.
    Should I be using something else. I have used regular painters masking tape. It works around corners and curves just fine and then you have to clean up the residue.
    Anyone have an idea on what I could use that will work?

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    Re: Help with High Temp Masking Tape

    green tape it's a bit tricky but works great
    if the blasting you used is too rough it will not stick to the surface or if the surface it's still dirty .
    also it sticks better to warm surfaces (over 100deg).
    also IT SHRINKS , between 380-400 it tends to shrink a bit

    brown tape or glasscloth handle temps better but they are more expecive.


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      Re: Help with High Temp Masking Tape

      it works great most of the time, but sometimes it does burn and melt, i find about 3/4 of the time it comes out the same, but that other quarter it come out melted, it doesn't change the paint job tho, The tape is great for straight lines, but good luck doing bends, once it's put to a dirty piece, or you touch it, the stick is pretty well gone.


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        Re: Help with High Temp Masking Tape

        Definitely stay under 400 degrees. Over that you are pretty much garunteed to have it melt and shrink. I like to preheat then tape as soon as its cool enough to touch. If I dont go over 400 degrees it usually stay quite well. You are limited in the curves. It doesnt work on complex stuff very well.
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