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  • Couple Questions on PC


    hopefully i dont make this too long but i got some questions before i decide if i want to purchuse stuff.
    will a 5 gallon compressor work with a gun (a 50-75$ compressor), anyone know where i get one (walmart maybe)? whats the best kind of cheaper gun?
    do i really need a blast cabinet, or can i clean stuff by hand? if i did need one, where can i get a small, cheaper one?
    i want to use a regular oven, do they only run off of 220 or do some run off of 120?

    Thank you for all your help,

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    Re: Couple Questions on PC

    ok bro here goes. there are numerous places to get this type of compressor, home depot, etc and yes it will work as long as you only need it for powder and light sandblasting.

    as for guns i would get the caswell hobby gun to start with and you should be able with a little practice to produce pro results.

    as for a blaster it is necessary if you do any thing other than brand new metal. you can scuff sand some and get away with it but you will not get the best finish that way.

    as for ovens a used home oven is great but yes most run on 220 volt. there are some 110 volt ovens but they are few and far between.
    best of luck bro.
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      Re: Couple Questions on PC

      thanks for the information. are there any sand blast cabinet for around 100 dollars? also, with the blast cabinet, do i need to buy the sand and stuff that goes in it?


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        Re: Couple Questions on PC

        I'm not sure that you can find a blast cabinet for under $300. You will need to purchase some type of blast media for the cabinet as well. Remember when blasting, that if the part has any silicone on it, your blasting sand/media will be contaminated and anything you blast will become contaminated as well. For that reason, you should be cleaning the parts off before blasting them.

        [link removed]

        Remember that the air coming from the compressor needs to be dry, so get a good drier or water and oil trap filtering system. Don't skimp here! Bob
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          Re: Couple Questions on PC

          Cabinets and media available here:

          Starting at $145.00
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            Re: Couple Questions on PC

            You can get decent blast cabinets for $100 to $150 that will work for most "home" projects and light duty commercial work. Attached is a picture of my $130 blast cab. Since we can't post web addresses here you will just have to google for them.
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              Re: Couple Questions on PC

              I've made two blast cabinets a wooden one that was 4'X4'X3' for about $30 and a rubbermaid one 3'x3'x18"for about $20. I got the gun with a cup on it from NAPA, used an old rain coat for armholes and wooden flanges to seal, hook and old vacuum to it, plexiglass window, put in a light and caulked the **** out of it. Works great, you have to refill the cup constantly, but that gives the compressor time to catch up.