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Caswell's Professional Powder Coating System

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  • Caswell's Professional Powder Coating System

    I'm possibly interested in purchasing the Professional Powder Coating System offered by Caswell. What is the difference between the Corona Gun and the Tribo Gun? Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Caswell's Professional Powder Coating System

    "Choosing the right application package will depend on the nature of
    the task. The corona gun, tribo gun, the bell, and the disc are all tools
    that can meet certain requirements. No single tool is perfect for every
    powder application.

    A corona-charging gun offers more methods of adjustment for differences
    in part size and geometry. Air flow patterns, powder volume,
    velocity, and voltage level can be adjusted to accommodate different parts and powders.
    This gives the operator a lot of flexibility in controlling
    film thickness, dealing with Faraday cage and other process
    variables that are common in production facilities. The use of discharge
    voltage creates field lines and a highly ionized electrical field
    that can cause a variety of application challenges.

    Generally, a tribo system will work best in situations where there is
    not a lot of variety of parts and powders. With a tribo gun, the powder
    volume can be adjusted and the gun to target distance can be adjusted.
    The best application for tribo guns is one where there is little
    or no need for adjustment. One powder and a fairly consistent mix of
    parts can be run very effectively with a tribo gun. Used with the correct
    powder material, the tribo gun can be very effective. Testing should
    be conducted to be sure that the powder material is compatible with
    this positive charging device.

    Most powder operations in North America use the corona-charging
    gun to take advantage of the flexibility of voltage control and ability to
    spray any thermoset powder effectively. In Europe more tribo spray
    guns are used to take advantage of the penetration characteristics."