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  • Don't know where this fits, but...

    I want to thank everyone at Caswell for a SUPER job, above and beyond!
    I got the PC kit, put things together, but had problems with the comporessor that ships with kit. I had a 12v 10A wall transformer, but that barely made it go.
    Called technical support, they suggested car battery. Took it outside--really cold Iowa afternoon!--and plugged it to the truck battery. Big NO NO! Sparks flew everywhere!
    Called technical support again, they figured pump was probably bad. I needed to get some parts done for a showing on Sat PM. No problem, they 2nd day aired it to me! Got it Friday AM, had parts done Friday afternoon! Looks great.
    Thanks Caswell, you've got a C4L!

    P.S. Powder Coat dust will trigger a false positive reading on a Carbon Monoxide detecter. I have a Firex CO detector and it started going off in the garage where I work after getting done. I called the Utility CO., they came out and had readings of 100+ (2-3 times BAD) Found out the PC dust was giving a false positive. Live and learn!