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  • just curious

    I have been shooting some things with a low gloss black and everything was going fine, that is until I decided to finish up some of my suspension pieces I had to do. I shot a cast iron spindle, and it came out glossy! I didn't change the powder in the cup or anything. I even shot a test peice (pop or beer cans work great for quick testers. in between coats. I tried 2 coats in case it was the rough texture that was causing the shine. I normally cure a 375 for about 20 minutes. I tried upping the temp to 400 for the same amount of time and still came out glossy. I'm not to worried about it since its for my own car and its suspension but I would like to get an idea of what would cause this. thanx, sorry for writing a book but I figured if you knew all the specifics than you could better help me.
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    Re: just curious

    I'd say the powder isn't cured properly. I've it before with some of the stuff we spray...
    It would take a long time for that cast to get to temperture...


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      Re: just curious

      I did some pieces last week, pulleys & brackets for a '61 pontiac in black cat urethane. One of the brackets was cast iron and came out the same way. I found it took alot longer to reach temp than the other parts because it was so much thicker. I cured for 30 mins. @ 390, came out looking like the rest of the parts. IR thermometers are well worth the $$$
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        Re: just curious

        Under Cured for sure.. I did 4 wheel the other day in a flat black first 2 came out great, second set well I think I missed read the temp and time..
        But recured and all is well.. They now match teh other 2...

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