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Lettering on a valve cover???

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  • bzer1
    Re: Lettering on a valve cover

    When I'm doing letters I polish, clean...clean again. Then I clean a little bit more. Then I tape off the letters and coat the work piece. When it's all done I remove the tape. When taping the letters I just use wide tape and cut out the letters with an exacto knife. It does take a long time so make sure if you're charging for the job that you add extra labor time for masking. Be very careful to avoid too much build up around the letters.

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  • 3000gtvr4
    started a topic Lettering on a valve cover???

    Lettering on a valve cover???

    What is the easiest way to polish the letters on a valve cover?
    Tape the letters then P C.
    PC then sand the P C off then polish.

    Can I put tape on P C after it has cured and re-bake it or will the tape damage the cured P C?