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  • vin stickers help

    i am going to powder coat my motorcycle frame but was wondering about the vin sticker what do i do with it will it come off with the heat ?
    or melt ?
    any ideas.?

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    Re: vin stickers help

    yes they will come off or melt and mess up the powder in the surrounding area. make sure the frame is stamped with the full vin # on the steering neck firts then the decals can all be removed. as long as the vin is metal stamped in the neck that is normally the legal requirement for most states. just for safety sake check with your local law enforcement first though.
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      Re: vin stickers help

      As Pickle said. Most bikes are stamped in the neck and they need to be able to read it after coating. In Texas for sure and I assume the other states, if they cannot read the VIN or it looks altered they impound and you must prove it's your bike.

      You may be able to ease it off with a heat gun and reapply after coating but it will be slow and tedious.
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        Re: vin stickers help


        Use a heat gun or a hair dryer. Don't apply to much heat, use a pair of tweezers and peal off.