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  • You want me to what?

    What is the wildest thing you have been ask to Powder Coat??
    About a year back I had this older gentlemen ask me if I gold Powder Coat a
    metal object for him. Seems his wife loved the Color Turquoise, Said no problem. Well a few days go by and he shows up at my shop with a Urn !!! Yes is was empty thank goodness... Well I said I could so I did.. Seems his wife had pasted away a about a week before and was waiting on the remains (sp?) . Did it for him free of charge...

    So whats your story?

    Jim S...
    Yes this is very true...
    Jim Shuster Sold..... Hobbie Web Hosting.

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    Re: You want me to what?

    I just had a guy ask me if i could do his whole car.... assembled....
    I also did 3 old news paper vending machines... for a porn newspaper.... money is money....
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