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  • i need your help

    hi my name is mike and i need your help. i have been powder coating for 2 years in my garage. i was approched by a company to do some of there work.i agreed to do so and got everything i needed but i am having a very hard time finding a insurance company that will give me liability insurance. i am located in central new york and if you live close and have any leads on a place i would really be thankfull.i called 5 places so far and they all said it was to much of a risk? i dont get that, isnt this suppose to be saf
    fer than automotive painting. thanks in advance for any help....mike

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    Re: i need your help

    I'd ask ins company to define 'risk', once you have their answer, put together info on how safe powder coating is compared to auto painting. Remember with insurance companys they will deny until you can prove to them its safe and not a 'risk'
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      Re: i need your help

      I do 99# of my work for a company that builds marine equipment.....alot of it is used on govt stuff and the rest for boats and yachts...the only insurance I have is that I make the cutomer happy and I'll re-do it till they are.. shop is insured to the hilt...and it seems the insurance companys...well at least mine dont care what your doing (sides from maybe building bombs and nukes ) as long as they get there money...
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