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******** Anodized Red problem

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  • ******** Anodized Red problem

    My son coated a swingarm with a reflective chrome base and then with an anodized red top coat. It looks great except the he missed a few spots with both.

    Before we strip the part down and start over, I was wondering if there anyway to correct this problem?

    I'm not sure if it's okay to re-coating a base over a top coat and then add another top coat.

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    Re: ******** Anodized Red problem

    It might of pulled from the corners, or he did not apply the correct thickness. I dont recommend adding more coats unless you want orange peel. Also I assume you have a hobby gun so you will have a hard time getting more coats to stick. Use a paint stripped to totally strip it clean and try again. If you having trouble with the chrome coverage use black as a base first, then chrome so you can see where its covering, then shoot the red.


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      Re: ******** Anodized Red problem

      Orange peel wont occur from many thin/normal coats. Orange peel only occurs when you do one real thick coat. Just like paint.

      But, when you add more and more coats, you will start to increase the chance of chipping. You wont get as good of an adhesion of the powder anymore.