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New2PC, how to proper ground parts etc...

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  • New2PC, how to proper ground parts etc...

    Ive read many posts and stickies but havent run accross my answer yet, also after reading some of the
    it raised another grounding question such as powder going to the grounding wire or does a coated wire/hanger stop that

    can I ground parts with a wire and clip to my 230v or 120v 3rd pole?
    or is there a different/better way such as str8 to breaker box ground?

    I have more reading to do but I assume coated areas shouldnt be touched by anything until after cured i.e. fingers as well as sitting on anything while cooking ( so im thinking of how i want to cure items that are bigger such as wheels)

    any inputs are appreciated esp. links to more threads


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    Re: New2PC, how to proper ground parts etc...

    AH I see does the ground loop back to the gun in most setups? that would make a good circuit.

    Before I start still wondering about anything touching the sprayed areas. Is hanging from a non sprayed area the only or best way to go? if so I will need to make an oven as it looks like many of you have i.e. a 17" wheel wont fit in most ovens Ive found


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      Re: New2PC, how to proper ground parts etc...

      Hang the part from a metal hanger and connect the grounding clip from the gun control box to the hanger. Your not grounding the part to earth, your completing the dc circuit for the gun. For wheels, wrap a chain around the rim between the two bead areas. When the tire is on, you will never see it. You have to put the hanger in a place that will be inconspicuous when the part is finished.


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        Re: New2PC, how to proper ground parts etc...

        I sank a 6 foot copper ground rod next to my shop ground rod and connected both together and ran a wire direct to my pc box. maybe over kill but without a good ground things can really go south on ya...also....make sure your hangers are kept clean...nothin like watchin a ton of powder repeled from the surface just because the hook is bad...
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