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  • Prepping large items

    I have a small PC setup for personal use. I am considering going larger with everything and possibly starting up a small shop to for supplemental income. Obviously a regular size kitchen oven will not suffice in a custom job shop. So I build a larger oven...with the plans and ideas located on this forum that will not be a problem.

    But what I am not certain is how do you guys prep (sandblast) something that is large like a motorcycle frame, or similar items. Do you guys just have huge blast cabinets, build a walk-in blasting room or what?

    Thanks in advance for you replys

    PS, Also, what can of income range could a person expect from a small job shop...I realize my results may vary, but I am just trying to get some range as to the amount of income this my offer...
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    Re: Prepping large items

    I have a Blast cabinet, that can handle anything up to about 46" long. Anthing bigger I have a Pressurized pot blaster I use. Also, have a local guy that can do a car frame etc. and is pretty cheap.