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  • suggestions please?

    I have 150 bolt heads and washers to coat for a customer. What are your suggestions of how to clean/prep these and the best way to hang them to coat them?

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    Re: suggestions please?

    Use a meduim blasting media, mask the treads with tape. I would use a chemical pretreatment also, you want the most adhesion you can get.

    What I used to do is get a spool of wire, and cut a long strand and wrap the wire under the head of the bolt one loop, then go down the wire 1" and add another bolt using one loop and repeat till to you have a long strand of bolts on the wire, then tape the threads up.


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      Re: suggestions please?

      I can't think of an easy way to do the washers. I did a bunch of bolt heads once by drilling some holes in a piece of sheet aluminum and dropping the bolts in so that only the heads were exposed. I put that in the blast cabinet and blasted them, blew them off and powder-coated them and cured them all without taking them out of the fixture. It worked great.
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        Re: suggestions please?

        you might try running a piece or wire through the holes of the washers then find a way to keep the wire straight horizontal. if you have a spray booth anchor each end to each side. then powder that way. as for the cure it would be hard to move to the oven with out disturbing them. or you can use the v notch hooks and hang each one on an oven rack. suspend the rack powder then to the oven. lastly lay flat and powder one side fully cure let cool and powder the other side.
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          Re: suggestions please?

          got em done, they turned out great.

          I took these suggestions and improved a little.

          I took a piece of all thread about 18" long, put the washers on it spaced evenly and hung it with a wire on each end. worked great.

          Thanks for the suggestions.