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  • Candy Coat ??

    i am going to be applying the Physco Lime topcoat with a Super Chrome under coat to my friends dirtbike frame.As well as the Physco Yellow with gold flake with Super chrome under coat to another friends dirtbike frame.
    I recall reading on the forumns awhile back about the process,but cant seem to find it.
    If i recall correctly.I need to preheat the frame then allow to cool to around 160 then apply my coat of super chrome.Flash bake for roughly 10 minutes then apply the candy coat.Also when do I need to add the flake,can I just mix it in the physco yellow or is it going to be a 3 step process?
    Can some one varify this and or go into a little more detail for me,oven temps and cook times for each coat.Thank you in advance.Eric
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    Re: Candy Coat ??

    When i do candy i cure my chrome till 100% done allow to cool then shoot 2nd color over, i've never had any problems. hope this helps.
    Jeff B.
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      Re: Candy Coat ??

      here how I do it
      (I always mix the flakes with clear they look better)
      fully cure chrome and allow to cool
      pre heat the chrome to 150
      shoot the candy color and patially cure for 10-15 minutes
      allow to cool to 150 and shoot the clear with flakes
      fully cure


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        Re: Candy Coat ??

        I tried to hot shoot a candy color over chrome powder once. Turned out horrible. I no longer shoot anything hot. Always allow it to cool.. cames out looking great.

        Full cure between each step.