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  • Marketing tips?

    How do you guys market your services?

    Here is my plan:

    -Be a sponsor on a couple local internet forums, maybe a couple small national forums

    -Visit car shows in the summer (local and regional) and hand out business cards, pens, brochures, flyers, etc. and display my cars with powder coated parts on them

    -Visit local custom car and bike shops, possibly set up small displays in a few, already have one to put small display in

    -Add a page to my website with color samples and pics of items I've done

    -I've also made a deal with a local Snap-On dealer to have a display or flyer of some sort on his truck. I will probably powder coat a set of wrenches or something there to show off some color options. If that goes well, I may see about doing the same on other trucks.

    I know everybody will probably think I have plenty of marketing out there, just curious what others do and what they have the most success with. I am right now just getting started pc'ing so I'm going to get into all this marketing gradually as my skills improve. Baby steps if you will.

    I am looking for the most cost effective options as I don't have a ton to spend on radio advertising or newspaper or anything like that. Just looking for low-cost options. I also saw a guy on here who has posters printed with girls in bikinis and hands those out.

    What do you guys use to display at shows?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks,


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    Re: Marketing tips?

    50% of my work comes from my garbage man. He noticed my trash and we have been friends since. Turns out he races BMX bikes and now I get bikes and parts all the time, plus he puts by trash cans in front of the garage. The rest of my stuff comes from boaters since alot in the area know me. I really can't afford to drum up more business for the time since I really can't get my stuff done. I go out of my way to make the customer happy and get lots of word of mouth customers. Once I get my set up going the way I want it I may hit up car clubs with ad $.


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      Re: Marketing tips?

      Where do I get that poster?!?!?!?!?
      All of my advertising is word-of-mouth and car shows. I just started too, (no car shows in the snow) but I'm already inundated with orders. It helps living right in the heart of Oakland county (Home of the woodward Dream Cruise) so there are alot of Hot Rodders out here. Couple that with bikers and snowmobiles, & I barely have time for my REAL job! lol
      Just remember this: Do a great job for a decent price, and people will come out of the woodwork. You'll have more business than you can handle.
      Good luck!
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