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  • Temp for working in

    I have been reading quite a bit here and learning lot. I may even be ready to take the jump. The last question I'd like to ask if I can apply PC to my parts in a cold garage? My compressor, workbench, etc are all in the garage. I even have an accuate but old electric oven out there. But the garage is not heated. Us Minnesota folks is just plain happy to get out of the wind

    So if my parts are all preped
    pre-baked to clean off any oils, etc.
    sprayed (figure a temp from 15 and up)
    and then baked again.

    Will it work. Other than my discomfort?

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    Re: Temp for working in

    The good thing about powdering in the cold is curing the parts in the oven. The only thing about working in those temps is it freezes your hands blow drying the parts but on the other hand you can preheat the parts to make sure all the moisture is out and warm your hands at the same time.


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      Re: Temp for working in

      sswee is right shoe i am in michigan. not as cold as minnesota but still cold. i have no problems with the powder just my own skin in the cold weather.
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        Re: Temp for working in

        Only issue I see would be the part sweating once you start to warm the part so I would pre-heat the part.. Other then that no issue with the cold...

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