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i have a grounding problem, need help fast.

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  • i have a grounding problem, need help fast.

    well here it goes, i have a nordson versa spray gun. it has worked fine up to a few weeks ago when i noticed it was getting harder to get the powder to adhere. it sprays fine but the powder will not cling to the parts.when i pull the trigger the reading is in the negative side, should it be a positve charge?please help me i have been going crazy tring to figure this out. thank you

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    Re: i have a grounding problem, need help fast.

    I've been ussing nordson for almost 2 years
    I'll try and help you out at my best
    with a nordson ground is not such a big deal as hobby guns
    but still you need bare metal contact
    is it getting harder for the first coat or second coat
    what are you atomiser and flow settings ?


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      Re: i have a grounding problem, need help fast.

      i have bare metal contact, it is not covering when ever i use it. there is like a little electrode in the tip of the gun, do these go bad?i keep adjusting the settings to see if anything changes but nothing has worked. thanks


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        Re: i have a grounding problem, need help fast.

        I don't know about that gun, but maybe check continuity of your ground cable?
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          Re: i have a grounding problem, need help fast.

          it could be a couple things
          first thing you have to check is the GND ( ground)
          but since you already said this wasn't it lets scratch that.
          second thing can be the resistor unfortunatedly the only way you can test it is with an AMPMETTER wich will cost you like $200
          or you can buy a new resistor holder kit for like $60
          if the resistor is bad it won't charge the powder and there for won't stick to the part specialy second coats ( candy colors)
          third is the pump
          the old cooper pumps wear out with time and you slowly have to keep adjusting the flow and atomiser settings untill there comes a time when the settings are so high the same powder repels the new powder of the parts
          you should have around 30psi atomiser and 20psi flow
          forth and in a worst case it might be the multiplier wich will cost you like $1200 and is only sold by nordson them selfs

          to me it sounds like a bad resistor
          you can get the manual here

          and you can buy parts here
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