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Manual gun differences (rambling

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  • Manual gun differences (rambling

    I will be opneing a small one person operation in the coming weeks and have everything in place except for the minor detail of selecting the gun to use. I need a gun that will hopefully last for at least a couple of years before replacement. I have been looking at all the choices from the "suitcase" types to the bigger box feed models. I dont have a problem in paying $5k for the higher end stuff but if the smaller cup-type pro-models will do what I need then there is no point in spending for the sake of spending. I learned to p/c using Nordson box-feed equipment so that is all I am familiar with.

    I have an agreement with one of the local Mexican-Import shops to do batches of small and medium size decorative iron pieces (2' x 4' x 5' being the largest anticipated) in orders of 25-50 pieces per color on most of the stuff. This will initially be the bread-and butter for paying the bills. Quick and easy color change for doing different items in single to small batches is important.

    Apologies to the Moderators and other members for rambling- I just dont know who else to ask-
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    Re: Manual gun differences (rambling

    if it were me and i had thr funds to spend i would go with the full blown pro gun that caswell has it has the hopper for larger batches needing more than a half pond of powder at a time. also the higher voltage output will help on second coats. just my 2 cents.
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