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  • Candy red top coat

    I've coated 2 quad frames using silver metallic for a base and candy red top coat they came out OK but I had a [email protected] of a time getting the red to lay. I tried to do some little parts tonight the silver lays nice but I just can't get the red to stick in places no how. All I did tonight is make a mess. I blew a quarter pound of powder on the ground and got ****ed off. I haven't been doing this that long put I'm used to blowing it on and it stays there. Is that how top coats work or am I going something wrong. Any clue
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    Re: Candy red top coat

    I recently coated a fence with a Zinc based primer. At times I would have problems with the top coat sticking. There are a couple things I would suggest trying, if you haven't already.

    #1 Make sure you have a good ground!!!! Without this the Powder will not stick!

    #2 Once your sure it's not a grounding issue. Try varying the distance from the part with your gun.....also shake the gun while coating.

    #3 If you are applying powder and it seems to be going fine, then for no apparent reason the powder stops sticking. Stop! Wait for a minute or so then begin again. Alot of the time this will allow the part to dis-charge. Check the ground again, begin applying.

    There is no magic cure....just practice. Try different things, with the items listed above, I had good success getting the top coat to stick.
    Good Luck!


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      Re: Candy red top coat

      150 rule never fails for second coats
      pre heat part to 150 or let it cool to 150
      then apply the second coat


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        Re: Candy red top coat

        Thanks Robsrod I've done the gun shake thing and have gone as far as stoping and running a tap through a threaded hole and tiring it again and it worked but I guess it could have been just stopping. Well I'm learning thanks again.

        Thanks jtagger19 being a rook I tried to do that on a practice piece once, it was hotter than 150 and it looked bad so I thought I was screwing it up. But I see what you mean now that makes sense if its hot it will stick better that start sticking to it self. Cool.

        Thanks too both of you guys this sites cool, people will help a brother out.

        Yea when you start shaking the gun and putting a ton of [email protected] in the air in the cellar of my house in the hood it makes the old lady real happy. LOL I need to build that garage this year yea right I say that every year. Thanks again