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Anybody sponsor internet forum sites?

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  • Anybody sponsor internet forum sites?

    I have been looking into sponsoring some automotive forum sites and just wanted to see what you guys thought. I am currently still perfecting my technique before I take on any business but should be ready shortly. I have a few questions:

    1. How much do you pay monthly to sponsor?

    I have seen anywhere from $50 a year to $150 a month.

    2. Is the advertising working?

    Getting a good amount of business for your money?

    3. How much traffic does the site get? How many members?

    I know this is a good way to go for advertising, but it's pricey as well. Let me know what you guys are paying. Thanks,


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    Re: Anybody sponsor internet forum sites?

    My dad sponsors a local 4x4 forum here in texas, he sells CB radio's and cell phone chargers. He pays $150 a year and barely breaks even with it. The site has 1500 members and prolly only 700 active viewers/members. Hope that helps.