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vacum metalization- What exactly is it?

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  • vacum metalization- What exactly is it?

    What exactly is vacuum metallization
    Dupont has Alesta can this be used as a regular powder coat?

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    Re: vacum metalization- What exactly is it?


    Google says look here:



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      Re: vacum metalization- What exactly is it?

      Vacuum metalization is a complex process that takes very specialized equipment.
      Firstly the vacuum chamber has to be able to pump down to around 2x10 to the negative 7 range. That is where the specialized equipment comes in.
      One method of coating is by E-Gun or electron beam gun where a focused beam of electricity is used to evaporate the material you are coating with this can be a metal or other material such as glass ceramic etc. This process is what is used to "chrome" plastic parts which is really an aluminum coating with a clear finish.
      Another method is called sputtering which is in a vacuum back filled with an inert gas and bombarding target materials with either RF power or DC power to break away minute particles of the target material so that they will bond with a substrate.
      A used system would run you anywhere from $30,00 up to over a million.
      Do you wish you hadn't asked?