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Coating Non Metal Objects

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  • Coating Non Metal Objects

    Recently, I asked the founder "can non metallic objects be powder coated"?
    His very speedy response was, "Yes, ( and no)

    The technique seems to be to raise the temp to around 200 f, and them
    powdercoat it.

    I'd suggest you post this on the forum. I'm sure a few of our guys are
    tinkering with this."

    Thx Mike


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    Re: Coating Non Metal Objects

    I've done it before but it cracks and peels off very easily atleast on plastics


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      Re: Coating Non Metal Objects

      There are a few posts on the forum about this already.

      Our Tiger-Drylac rep suggests misting plastic parts in a very fine water mist, then spraying. The water helps give the parts an electrical charge - but the parts still have to withstand the cure temp.

      MDF parts contain enough water to be able to be powder coated, but again, the parts need to withstand the cure.

      There are low temp curing powders out there - but we don't have any.

      If enough people express an interest, we might be willing to give some low cure powder a try.
      Lance Caswell
      Caswell Inc
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