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  • Hey hvac36

    I have a customer that picked lollypop blue from your pic. Whats the base? Chrome I hope I have some of that. Let me know. Thanks.
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    Re: Hey hvac36

    That was the old super chrome base.. Will be reshooting over the extreme just to see how much brighter it will be..

    But yes it was chrome..

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      Re: Hey hvac36

      10-4 buddy


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        Re: Hey hvac36

        How much blue did you apply on that? I am trying Xtreme chrome and blue on my intake manifold, and I'll be doing the chrome valvecovers as well. I did it once today and it turned out mottled. and appeared to not have even coverage. I did wipe the Xtreme down with acetone before the lolly B. because I accidentaly touched it with my hands while going to show the wife the shine
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