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  • Wheel refinishing

    I do wheel restoration and looking for some information on some wheel coatings.
    I have a problem with infinity wheel were it has this chrome affect with metalic in it and I can not find a paint that will match up. I was told that these wheels were power coated and was interested in getting information on this type of system I dont need a big elaberate system just some thing to do wheels.
    Any information would make my world.

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    Re: Wheel refinishing

    well you are in luck bro if its a powder coat set up you need this is the place. i would try to find out from infinity if the wheels are in fact powder and if possible what the color name / number is and if it is a ral color. then give caswell sales team a call and they can get you setup with all the info and supplies you need. if there is something they cant help with you can always ask here since most of us gat around and can possibly help with other parts of the process. such as oven ideas. best of luck bro. also welcome to the forum
    when in doubt polish it out/ why replace it when you can refinish it
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      Re: Wheel refinishing

      Thanks for the input I will talk to infinity next week and get the skinny on the wheel coating I am looking forward to getting set up for this.
      One other question can you or does powder coating come in chrome finish?


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        Re: Wheel refinishing

        Yes, there are several chrome finishes in powder coat.