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Super wet black question

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  • Super wet black question

    Just wanted to ask a question about the Caswell super wet black. I just received a can of it it and it says to heat the part up till it starts to melt the powder, then add more powder to it and bake it. Am I reading this correct and are alot of the powders like that? I thought it was, for the most part, a one coat and bake except for a few special ones. I am new to powder coating and will probably have more questions in the near future. Thanks for any input.


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    Re: Super wet black question

    Good question, i don't remember reading that on my can. I'll have to re-read the instructions when I get home. MAybe the 2 coats adds more glass? I coated a part with the super wet black just applying one coat. I think it came out great.


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      Re: Super wet black question

      It says:

      Thoroughly clean all surfaces prior to application, preferably with sandblasting.
      Bake the powder in a NON GAS oven @ 392 deg F for 10 minutes, after the surface has melted or glossed. Apply at least 1.8?3.5 mils.

      It's simply stating to put 1.8-3.5 mils of powder on the part, then cure. There's no need to add any more.
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        Re: Super wet black question

        Ok, I must of misread the label or didn't see the period there after the word glossed. Thanks for the reply.